Letters to the Editor

Cruel glorification

The Tribune chose to publish a photo titled, “Madrid: The baiting of the bull” (Sept. 7).

I am shocked that The Tribune would glorify such blatant animal cruelty. Before even going into the arena for bullfighting, the bull is “prepped,” meaning that he’s been deprived of food and water for a couple of days, petroleum jelly has been smeared into his eyes to cloud his vision, cotton has been pushed into his nostrils to make his breathing more difficult, his horns have been filed, and right before entering the arena, his testicles have been jabbed with knitting needles to make him look aggressive.

Then, the picador on horseback jabs a lance in the back of the bull’s neck to pierce the muscles, causing tremendous pain and blood loss to prepare him for the bullfighters to fight him and kill him.

Sure it’s a tradition in some countries, but many traditions have fortunately become a thing of the past, such as slavery, burning people at the stake, throwing virgins into volcanoes, etc.

Bullfighting is no “art.” It is merely organized torture of animals by sadists for the viewing pleasure of perverts.

Please, don’t go glorifying it.