Letters to the Editor

Future of Morro Bay

I like the question that Kate Price raised in her letter (“Bad feelings in M.B.” Aug. 28) about Morro Bay’s future.

Change is hard because it’s not predictable. But change comes.

We have lost the power plant. With that loss of income, the city is financially strapped and needs to look for new sources of revenue. It might be new industry, new tourist attractions, new head-ofhousehold job opportunities.

On the other hand, the land that the power plant sits on will be developed. The land that the current water treatment plant sits on will be developed. As waterfront leases come up for renewal, buildings will be upgraded or replaced. Downtown business owners are looking for ways to reinvent the shopping experience.

Morro Bay is beginning the process of updating its General Plan, and we will be asking our citizens and visitors two questions: What do you value about Morro Bay? And what is your vision of the future of our city?

These are questions that need to be taken seriously, and they should generate heated discussion, because the answers are going to guide the way we develop over the next 20 years.