Letters to the Editor

A remarkable man

Hard to think of the world without Botso Korisheli. Fortunately, there is a legacy of his music, sculpture, students and family. I learned of him by name long before I had the pleasure of meeting him. I met his wife, Margaret, first at an exhibit of her larger-than-life carved wood dogs. (Never have forgotten that one.)

Botso taught high school stone carving for years in a makeshift studio in a section of the parking lot of Mission Prep. That was OK by him; the students created dirt and noise. I own one of those pieces, a small minimalist sandstone lion head with a very wide open mouth. One of my dogs studied it with great concern — a testimony to its presence.

Finally came the opportunity to get to know the man. For “Ears On Art” (KCBX), we interviewed Botso and Margaret. There was no way he could conceal his passion for music, sculpture and family. He relied on each to inform the other. Whatever his work, he craved a personal relationship with material, process and purpose.

Botso was a remarkable man! After an exchange with him, you came away richer. That glow is a gift we all keep.