Letters to the Editor

Depraved liberals

The last few weeks have exposed the moral depravity of modern liberalism.

First, a vibrant young woman is shot dead in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant who had a history of crime and deportation violations. And why was this worthless shred of human debris even on the streets? Because overwhelmingly liberal San Francisco is a sanctuary city that does not honor federal detainers.

More recently, we learned Planned Parenthood, the biggest player in the abortion industry, has been selling body parts of aborted children. What is Planned Parenthood’s excuse for this deplorable practice? It’s done for “research” and only at a price to recoup the organization’s “expenses.”

Whatever Planned Parenthood’s cringe-inducing explanation, have we sunk so low as a society that we now accept the marketing of aborted babies’ body parts?

And let’s not forget that the sanctuary and baby parts crowd is largely the same one that erupts at any sign of animal cruelty and that defends convicted murderers against capital punishment. Is this not wicked hypocrisy?

Recent events suggest that nothing is beyond the reach of those whose thoughtlessness leads them to continue lowering the bar for morality and civility in our oncegreat nation.