Letters to the Editor

Planet is at stake

Kudos to Phil Dirkx for broaching the taboo subject of population growth and pointing out the obvious, that if our population continues to grow, “our little planet may no longer be able to support us” (“A paradox of population growth,” July 24).

There are signs everywhere that the planet is having difficulty meeting our demands today, let alone meeting the demands of a few billion more of us in the future.

The abundant natural resources we used to take for granted — from fresh water to fertile top soils to fish in the sea — are in increasingly short supply.

Virtually every environmental problem, from pollution to the extinction crisis to global warming, is being exacerbated by too many people simply trying to make a life.

While many recoil at the idea of restricting family size, we can at least ensure that every child is a wanted child.

We need to step up our efforts to ensure that every man and woman has information about and unrestricted access to safe, effective contraception and reproductive services.