Letters to the Editor

Arboretum has value

Your article on Cal Poly’s arboretum (July 22) featuring Mediterranean ecology motivated me to take a walk through it. As I walked, I imagined my dad, who once taught for the horticulture department, taking his students through the arboretum for plant identification and related “learn by doing” opportunities.

I don’t see how the arboretum can be moved and saved at the same time. It adds insult to injury to suggest that its location would be better suited for student or faculty housing (or anything else). I hope to goodness that friends of the arboretum (existing students, faculty, staff, those in retirement, alumni, etc.) rally to a “save the arboretum” protest against Cal Poly’s Master Plan designs that would substitute buildings for the arboretum. There is plenty of parking pavement below the horse barn for constructing whatever.

Cal Poly does not need campus housing for faculty. Faculty should be able to find affordable housing in town. And they could if existing neighborhoods designed for family workforce but now infiltrated by highdensity student renters were taken back by the community of San Luis Obispo.

Our “town-gown” activists and decisionmakers need to work together for that and preserve existing open space and agricultural values.