Letters to the Editor

Preaching in Pismo?

A changeable message sign at the corner of Price and Dolliver streets flashes: “Severe drought/H2O aware/conserve today/preserve tomorrow.”

As a resident of Pismo Beach, I can only water my drought-tolerant landscape — all on a drip system — Tuesdays and Fridays. I cannot use a hose to wash my cars, even with an automatic shut-off nozzle attached.

Yet, as I travel around town, and read this newspaper, I’m made painfully aware of the myriad development projects under construction or in the planning stages, following approval by our city councils, despite the appeals made.

How can it be that our city officials can impose whatever water restrictions on their citizens while approving two major hotels, a restaurant, retail developments, the mixed-use “compound” at Price Street and Wadsworth Avenue and allowing numerous other multiresidential developments to move forward?

Local water conservation is everyone’s responsibility, not just the citizenry of Pismo Beach.

The city should practice what it preaches, and we should all pray for a strong El Niño.