Letters to the Editor

Refinery is safely run

The proponents of the proposed Phillips 66 rail spur extension project describe the impact the refinery closing would have on the local economy. Phillips 66 provides about 200 jobs in San Luis Obispo County, as well as a significant amount of tax revenue for schools, fire protection and other vital local services.

The Phillips 66 Santa Maria refinery has been safely operating since 1956. Most people in the county probably don’t know that there is a refinery in Nipomo . During its nearly 60 years in business, it has earned a highly regarded reputation for being a safely operated facility.

The rising cost of crude oil and lessening reliable sources by pipeline have forced the refinery to propose a project that would increase the number of tanker trains by three to five per week. Two to three tanker trains already run through the county per week supplying oil from San Ardo to Los Angeles County.