Letters to the Editor

GOP circus continues

Well the Republican clown car is almost full, and guess who’s driving?

You’re right, Donald Trump, but only temporarily. After describing Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and then insulting every one of the Republican presidential candidates, he decided to denigrate Sen. John McCain’s war record, saying, “he’s a war hero because he was captured.”

Donald, the senator was captured because his plane was shot down over enemy territory while on his 23rd bombing mission. (Trump received five deferments during the Vietnam War and never served.)

So, with John Kasich announcing his candidacy, we have 16 Republican presidential candidates.

But surprise! There are 17 more, including Michael Bickelmeyer who wants to launch an orbital weapons platform that would use solar radiation as a weapon.

Or how about Jim Hayden, who can “cut the size of the government by about 75 percent using the Constitution.” Skip Andrews considers us exceptional because “America has been blessed by the hand of God” (presumably to the exclusion of all other countries). Bottom line: There are 33 Republican candidates for president, and Trump is at the wheel. What could go wrong?