Letters to the Editor

Orchestrate a truce

Here we go again. Now the San Luis Obispo Symphony’s board of directors has made another huge mistake. It’s not enough that it fires the highly skilled and beloved music director. Now the directors decide to eliminate a favorite community event! (“Embattled SLO Symphony cancels popular Pops by the Sea,” June 23.)

I think they need to start over. Bury the hatchet with Michael Nowak. Everyone (including Michael) agrees to acknowledge mistakes in communication and begin again.

Yes, losing money is important, so make some hard decisions. Everyone who gets paid takes a pay cut; reach out more to the community we all have seen the results of this fiasco. The conductor fired, concerts eliminated, and who suffers most? We, the public, who might have coughed up some money if we had only known the situation.

If pride at backing down and starting over is the issue on the part of all the parties, now is the time to swallow that pride and start over. If board members can’t bring themselves to do that, they should resign and let someone else who isn’t hung up on being prideful step in and help negotiate a truce!

I want my symphony and Michael Nowak back!