Letters to the Editor

Respect goes a long way

I wrote a letter to the editor in 2013 regarding homelessness as a disabled, homeless man myself. After two very difficult, physically exhausting and psychologically taxing years, I am grateful to say that I am living in my own apartment in Paso Robles. This was accomplished through the untiring support of local agencies, government entities, an understanding landlord, my church, family, friends and lots of prayer.

There are still myriad homeless people in our county; and there are agencies, government entities, faith communities and others working diligently to help these persons.

But you, dear reader, can help too. When you encounter a homeless person, please be considerate of him or her by keeping derogatory comments to yourself and try to engage him or her in the same way that you would engage any other person you respect.

This will go a long way in helping a homeless person gain esteem, acceptance and ultimately a change in his or her situation.