Letters to the Editor

Support symphony

I am writing this letter in support of the San Luis Obispo Symphony.

My husband and I have been members of the symphony since shortly after moving to the Central Coast five years ago.

We are not involved in any way with the politics surrounding the problems the symphony board, players and conductor are embroiled in at this time.

We simply enjoy the fine quality of music that the San Luis Obispo Symphony provides.

We are concerned when we read that members are pulling their support. While some may not agree with the decisions that have been made, are members shooting themselves in the foot?

If members drop their support, wouldn’t it make a difficult situation even more difficult? Couldn’t the outcome be the loss of our symphony? If that should happen, it would be very difficult to rebuild what we lost.

Please, let’s not lose our symphony!

We are going to keep our membership and hope for another wonderful symphony season.

Please, reconsider whatever position you may have, and let’s look at the big picture — that of keeping symphonic music alive in San Luis Obispo.