Letters to the Editor

Battle flag patriotic

Leave our country and its historical artifacts alone. I think the news media, as well as the federal and state legislatures, should stop the silliness that is going on about the Confederate flag.

The flag was a patriotic symbol for those who fought for the South and not a symbol of hate.

Those who want to remove anything related to the Confederacy should grow up and stop acting like a spoiled child.

All of our history and any of its symbols related should be left alone. It was a sad time in our history, but it is our history, and we cannot allow a few to destroy it or what we should have learned from it. We need to stand up and tell those who want to eliminate any thing that relates to the history of the country to stop or find another place to live.

The Confederate flag and anything related is historical. The individuals who are trying to make something else about it are just wrong, and they are hateful to the memory of those who fought during that terrible time.

History has good, bad and ugly, but we learn from it.