Letters to the Editor

Vin Scully a sports legend

In response to a letter by Randy Morton (Letters, July 7), it is a great country we live in. We can cheer for or against any team we choose.

You hate the Dodgers and love the Giants. Fair enough. I love the Dodgers and any team playing against the Giants.

I’m quite a bit older than you, Morton, and I’ve listened to Vin Scully for a long, long time. I have never heard him bad-mouth any team or player.

You say he mispronounces player names and colleges. That is a common occurrence in any language. Deal with it. It happens to everyone.

I believe anything he says about teams and players because he has facts to back him up. Vin Scully tells it like it is.

You go ahead and bad-mouth the Dodgers and say what you want about them and/or the Giants. I don’t care.

Just don’t bad-mouth Vin Scully. He is an icon in sportscasting, and I’d take my hat off to him any day.