Letters to the Editor

Unfair water rules

So we have a drought, and under penalty I am expected (no, told) that I cannot water my grass enough to sustain it and my plants as well.

So what is with all of the housing starts all over San Luis Obispo County?

Where is that water coming from? Does the county have a separate aquifer that it uses for new housing that the rest of us taxpayers are not privy to?

It is totally ridiculous, and there needs to be an investigation into this business.

I have a friend who has had to re-drill her well, going much deeper at a great cost to her because of the shrinking water table.

She probably needs to salt away some added cash to drill again, when all of the housing starts are completed and the new ones begin.

Sounds to me as though a class-action lawsuit is needed by all of the folks who had to redrill because of the water shortages caused by the county mismanagement of the water and their ongoing misuse.