Letters to the Editor

Water into wine?

We all agree the water crisis in California is a reality.

Recently, we drove north from Santa Barbara to Nipomo.

I saw thousands and thousands of acres of vineyards that didn’t exist 10 years ago. I also saw water being sprayed over the grapevines, using millions of gallons.

We all need farmers and agricultural products, and some of us enjoy a glass of wine. But, we can survive by buying wine produced elsewhere, even if we have to pay a little more.

My question: Why have the wine producers been allowed to increase (and continue to do so) water usage and homeowners are being forced to let our lawns and plants die?

Also, why are more and more housing projects being allowed?

Now our water bill is going up an additional 30 percent and we must reduce our usage an additional 25 percent. When our lawns die, our property values are reduced.

Something doesn’t make sense. Could the awarded water permits be based on the almighty dollar for local and state governments?

I have always heard if you want to learn the truth, “Follow the money.”