Letters to the Editor

Warning signs

On July 3, The Tribune reported another train derailment (“Tennessee derailment: Hazardous fumes fill air”), this time in Tennessee, where a tank car split open and its toxic contents caught fire, spreading cyanide fumes across a community and forcing the evacuation of more than 5,000 people. Firefighters could not even approach the burning inferno for hours.

Phillips 66 proposes to bring mile-long oil trains from Canada filled with 2.4 million gallons of toxic, explosive petroleum through our county five times a week for the next 20 years.

Almost 40 percent of county residents live within the Department of Transportation’s designated blast/evacuation zone in case of an oil train derailment. Twenty-nine county schools are within the blast zone.

The refined petroleum is destined for export to Asia.

We get all the risks; Phillips 66 gets all the profits.