Letters to the Editor

Service dogs are OK

I’ve read a number of responses, pro and con, in print and online, to my letter (“No dogs for diners,” Letters, June 27) objecting to people bringing their dogs into restaurants.

Some of them either misread, misunderstood or intentionally twisted my point about service dogs.

Let me reiterate and clarify that I have no objections to service animals accompanying those in need to any public venue.

Contrary to the statements of some, I’m not heartless, bitter or mean-spirited toward legitimate service dogs and their owners.

But let me be clear — I am absolutely heartless, bitter and mean-spirited about cheaters representing their pet as a service animal in order to serve their own vanity.

If you object to that, then you’re the one with a problem. And you’re probably the one preening out on the patio with your dog.