Letters to the Editor

Ensure our future

What does it to take to get our governor to face the future of our state as we wait for rain?

At this time, fast trains seem to be more important to Gov. Jerry Brown than his lack of leadership.

History of California shows political leaders, water experts and competing states went to the Colorado River and met to split the water among the states. No state was satisfied with the amount of water these early decisions provided for their needs.

California’s population grew the fastest, with agriculture supplying fruit and vegetables to the states and the world.

Time after time, Western states met and wound up in court cases, and California realized that water would determine the growth of population in its cities and towns.

Today, we are becoming aware of climate change, and the impact that a shortage of rain and water could force the end of building and force young families to leave for employment. You can see what must be done now.Our governor is our leader.

He must find water wherever it is, go to Washington, D.C., and sell a workable plan for 2016 to ensure our future.