Letters to the Editor

Grateful for honor

The Templeton Fourth of July Parade paid tribute to wounded veterans of all conflicts as their parade theme this year.

I had been listening to KPRL radio and they were calling all wounded veterans to attend the parade this year. With some nervous reservations, I decided to go.

I showed up early for a pancake breakfast at the Templeton firehouse wearing my 40-year-old green beret that I wore in Vietnam, and was told I would be in the parade. I did not know what to expect.

When things got going, I was given the honor of being the grand marshal of the entire parade, and was placed in an antique Plymouth Fury Convertible by myself in the back seat. I was the first vehicle in the parade behind the walking color guard.

There were other wounded veterans in the vehicles behind our car, following us. I waved to the right and to the left of the cheering crowd all morning as the parade went through town.

To the residents of Templeton, words cannot express how thankful we are for you giving us back our pride and honor of serving.