Letters to the Editor

Stop the fireworks

I live in Arroyo Grande and July Fourth was absolutely frightening. The Home Owners Association for the adjacent neighborhood was holding a block party and at about 8:45 p.m. things got out of hand.

About 10 commercial-grade aerial mortars were launched into the skies over the bone-dry open space next to my home.

Any spark from these explosions could have caused a blaze that would have endangered a large number of homes and the families in them.

Occurrences like this have been going on for years and are only encouraged by the city’s policies toward fireworks and its inability to enforce any restrictions.

Will it take a disaster to get the Arroyo Grande city government to come to its senses and stop supporting the sale and use of any fireworks in our city?

I know that there’s a lot of backing for the sales of fireworks because they benefit many worthy organizations. However, it’s clearly irresponsible for the city to say that this benefit is more important than the safety of its citizens.