Letters to the Editor

Trump’s harsh words

Being half Hispanic and having taught hundreds of children for over 20 years in Santa Maria, whose parents work from dawn to dusk picking crops, Donald Trump’s words were hard for me to hear.

The majority of illegal immigrants don’t have time to commit crimes because they are at work.

Most Americans would never work as hard as they do for even triple the pay.

These laborers had no better option than to cross a poorly managed border and work for citizens who turn a blind eye. They come exhausted to parent conferences. Parents tell me the hardships they have gone through, which are so tragic.

In addition, I’ve seen firsthand on my visits to my mom’s home country of El Salvador, the poor working very hard on the coffee plantations and living in shacks where we wouldn’t be able to last a day.

People who talk about illegal immigrants so harshly need to spend some time with them before they say anymore.

If it was us facing the same choice in the exact same conditions, what would we do?

Trump can talk about securing the border, but not the people, because he’s ignorant and ruthless in that regard.