Letters to the Editor

Morro Bay’s positive steps

The city of Morro Bay appreciated the true idea behind the recent water rates editorial in that responsible and proactive planning of community finances is crucial, (Bouquets and Brickbats, July 3).

We can’t speak for what occurred in the past, because the current mayor and council were not elected, nor was the current city manager working here. But we’re very proud that we made the difficult but responsible decision now to ensure we adequately plan for the future of our utility systems.

Morro Bay has taken crucial steps in the past nine months to ensure that our financial future is a bright one. We conducted a first-ever 10-year financial forecast, passed a fiscally responsible budget and took the essential action required to keep providing safe, clean drinking water to our community for years to come. We’re beginning to work on economic diversification plans that will help us weather difficult economic times predicted by financial experts.

While the generation of inaction that came before may have sparked a brickbat from The Tribune, we’re proud of the positive actions we are taking to make Morro Bay an even more amazing place to live, work and play.