Letters to the Editor

A Democratic problem

Displaying the Confederate flag has caused an uproar that has resulted in calls for banning the flag, specifically in South Carolina and elsewhere. The reason for this is understandable because many people believe that it is a symbol of slavery and of Southern discrimination against blacks.

There is one specific political organization that undergirded this discrimination and provided its power and financing. The Democratic Party was against every Republican political attempt in Congress to abolish slavery. The Democratic Party voted for Jim Crow laws. The Democratic Party wanted to secede from the Union in order to continue slavery. Abraham Lincoln, our Republican president, led the country in a bloodbath, costing 600,000 lives in order to free the slaves.

The Democratic Party and its symbol, the donkey, should be banned as the Confederate flag is banned.

Another reason to do so is that the Democratic Party again fought the Republicans in Congress and was able to stop the Republican proposals to extend the vote to women until 1920. All women also should be enraged with the Democratic Party.

Unfortunately, lots of people are ignorant of the history of the Democratic Party.