Letters to the Editor

Water pipeline routes

On June 16, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors received a 30-day update on current drought conditions. At that time, the board directed staff to work with PG&E on a logistics report to identify what is needed to pipe surplus water from the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant’s desalination system to the community.

South County Supervisors Adam Hill and Lynn Compton have been appointed to a subcommittee to coordinate this effort with the Drought Task Force and PG&E.

From what I have read in the news, only the southern route from Diablo Canyon toward Avila Beach is being considered.

I live in Los Osos, where saltwater intrusion is showing up in some of our drinking water wells. I therefore urge the additional consideration of a northern route to the community from Diablo Canyon to the entrance to Montaña de Oro at Los Osos, a distance of approximately 5.7 miles over relatively flat terrain.