Letters to the Editor

Don’t lionize Scully

I am a San Francisco Giants fan. Like all good Giants fans, I hate the Los Angeles Dodgers. However, many years ago, I listened to Vin Scully occasionally. Years ago, he was a fair announcer. Now, he always criticizes the opposition, especially the Giants, and mispronounces their names or colleges.

At his age of 87, I know it is long past time that he retired. He has lost his understanding and respect for the opposition and the game. He is not fair to anyone but the Dodgers.

Additionally, it has only been recently that the Dodgers have allowed their games to be shown on local TV. Those of us with DirecTV or Dish still cannot see the Dodgers or their opposition.

Please do not extoll the virtues of Vin Scully or the Dodgers. Neither are worthy.