Letters to the Editor

An ode to Pismo Bob

After reading that “Pismo Bob” Pringle will be closing his hardware store, (Biz Buzz, June 30) I was moved to poetry. OK, bad poetry, but that’s what he likes. So here, with apologies to my mom, Dory Nash, the very first World’s Worst Poet, I give you “Ode to Pismo Bob”: Years ago when farmers moved From Bakersfield and Fresno They bought hardware from a guy named Bob In a small beach town called Pismo He named the World’s Worst Poets In a contest smart and funny Though still we shop for nuts and bolts We don’t spend as much money So here’s to you, our Pismo Bob Thanks for years of fun and service So glad you’ll still be sticking round ’Cause succulents make me nervous.