Letters to the Editor

Felonious actions

Steal my chicken or avocados: felony. Steal my dog or my gun “whether you use it or not”: felony. But steal $8 million, as Rodney Virgil Jarmin and Tammy Marian Jordan are accused of, and its a misdemeanor (“Investors upset over plea deal for North County lenders accused of fraud,” June 17)? Al Moriarty pleaded no contest to felony charges of stealing $22 million. So are we inviting white-collar criminals into our area by saying if you steal less than $21,999,999, it’s only a misdemeanor?

How does white-collar crime get a free pass in San Luis Obispo County? Maybe it’s just me, but I think stealing $1 million should be a straight felony.

The hard-working victims — who had their money stolen from their savings, retirement and college accounts by criminals who used intentional fraudulent and deceptive practices — deserve justice. These criminals should get doubledigit state prison time, not some type of probation or jail time equal to a two-time DUI offender.

I know our courts are supposed to be fair and impartial, but I can’t believe than someone in that courtroom with some type of authority or common sense didn’t raise an eyebrow, clear their throat, start gagging, flatulate or just stand up and give the universal “time out” sign to get Judge Donald Umhofer’s or District Attorney Dan Dow’s attention when the word “misdemeanor” was mentioned.