Letters to the Editor

A welcome presence

Arthur Young’s June 27 letter criticizing people who bring their dogs out to eat with them is insensitive and smallminded. Many restaurants provide patios that are dog-friendly, and well-behaved companion dogs often offer a cute and welcome addition to a restaurant outing.

I can’t even tell you how many times people have approached me while I sit with my dog beside me on a restaurant or cafe patio and have asked to pet him or told me how he has brightened up their day.

Also, many people with emotional or physical disabilities who have service dogs want to lead as normal a life as they can, which includes eating in restaurants with their trained service animal, something Mr. Young seems to take offense to.

I think Mr. Young could use a canine companion of his own to help him connect to both the animal and human world a bit more — something he is currently unable to do in his bitter state.