Letters to the Editor

Don’t dog servers

Arthur Young objects to dogs in diners (letters, June 27). As a dog owner, so do I, unless they are registered guide/service dogs for the visually impaired or persons with stability issues.

Further, the Health Department may object to faux service/therapy dogs inside an eating establishment. Some dogs are indeed labeled “therapy” dogs only for the convenience of the preening owner. Imitation documentation for a “therapy dog” is readily available to anyone via the Internet.

That said, I must disagree with Young’s “service policy” of withholding gratuity from the people who served him. He asks, “Pretty cute, eh?” The answer is, “No!”

By withholding a tip for the wait staff, Young has punished those who can do nothing to change the policies of the eating establishment and who make minimum wage and need all the tips they can earn.

Instead, Young should speak to the owner or manager on duty, inform the health department, tell all his friends or write a letter to the editor. However, please, Young, don’t unfairly take your irritation out on people who can do nothing about it.