Letters to the Editor

An education

As to Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong grabbing a pencil and notepad and going out to lunch with Cuesta President Gil Stork (Letters, June 20): Perhaps they should take along a ream of their respective college letterhead paper, too, and write letters of apology to the residents of San Luis Obispo County for their support of and/or silence on the Phillips 66 rail terminal project.

Stork said, “Their caring nature about making sure their communities are stronger because they are there, led me to have the confidence and belief that this is not a moneymaking project.”

However, the CEO of Phillips says in its annual report that Phillips 66 is steadily making a number of commitments to transportation infrastructure to deliver advantaged, or lower cost, crude oil to its U.S. refineries, resulting in significant cost savings and increased profitability for the company.

So much for Stork’s lack of understanding of the project that includes five Class 1 impacts concerning toxic air quality and greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be mitigated along the Union Pacific Railroad main line and within the refinery.

It’s time for these “educators” to do the right thing and not be front men for Phillips 66 and to support the community interests.