Letters to the Editor

How did we wind up in this awful state?

How did we arrive at this point?

By “we,” I mean friends, family, colleagues … all who make up our world as we thought we knew it.

A man who would never be invited to my Aunt Nell’s house because of his boorishness and foul language is now her hero.

My quiet neighbor hisses the word “hater” when I wonder aloud why our country’s leader lies almost every time he speaks … or tweets.

I read letters to the editor in my local newspaper filled with vitriol and anger, quoting things that never happened.

We are inundated with so many words every day we feel caught up in a whirlpool, a never-ending storm of chatter.

It’s intentional. It works to keep us off balance and uncertain. It creates fear and it fosters ignorance. It’s been used before and we should recognize it. It is the way dictators gain their power.

Mary Ross, Cambria