Letters to the Editor

Please, give us the real history of Ronald Reagan

And here I thought Victor Davis Hanson, “The miraculous image rehabilitation of former Republican presidents,” Tribune, May 20, was going to give the real history of the Reagan administration: committing treason by selling weapons to Iran, our official enemy, and smuggling tons of cocaine into the U.S., which fueled our crack epidemic (while Nancy Reagan pushed her “Just Say No” campaign).

Money from both operations funded a secret Contra army in Central America to dislodge the democratically elected government of Nicaragua. Yet somehow Ronald Reagan has been transformed into a patriot. Hanson’s entire opinion piece is an example of the very ‘propaganda’ he accuses the “progressive media” of using. It serves as nothing but a whitewash not only of Reagan’s true record, but of both Bushes as well. And of course he strategically forgets Nixon, who not even the conservative media can rehabilitate.

Bruce Henderson, Grover Beach