Letters to the Editor

SLO County Republican chair should resign after Patrick Little question

It is difficult to accept local Republican Party Chairman Randall Jordan’s claim of ignorance to justify his refusal to stake a position regarding outspoken neo-Nazi and GOP senatorial candidate Patrick Little. The San Luis Obispo County GOP must call for Chairman Jordan’s immediate resignation.

That Chairman Jordan is “uninformed” about a major GOP candidate is problem enough. His refusal to repudiate Mr. Little’s well-publicized embrace of Nazi ideology is a moral failing exposing a lack of common sense or clear vision. Chairman Jordan has moved beyond the pale and should not represent the local Republican Committee or Party.

Mr. Little appears to be an ideologue hoping to appeal to those who seek to tear the nation apart for reasons no greater than a deeply rooted sense of personal inferiority and a desire for power; a man happy to destroy the nation and not have any idea why.

With a primary just weeks away, Mr. Jordan should know what all candidates represent.

Bradley Zane, Cambria