Letters to the Editor

Yes, Mr. Woody, government is the answer

Michael Erin Woody
Michael Erin Woody jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

I saw a political advertisement on television recently, featuring Michael Erin Woody, a candidate for U.S. Congress. When Mr. Woody said “government has never been the answer,” he lost my vote.

Does he really believe government was not the answer when our brave public first responders fought devastating fires and floods on the Central Coast? Was government not the answer when my ancestors fought fascism during WWII in the Pacific and in Europe? Is government not the answer for millions of American seniors (like me) who depend on Social Security and Medicare?

Would he have private businesses take over the duties of firefighting and policing, private militias respond to internal and external threats to our country, private entities take over health insurance for seniors? I realize that “government is never the answer” is standard Republican boilerplate, but I suggest that Mr. Woody should think about making his own boilerplate before he produces another expensive ad.

Laurence Houlgate, San Luis Obispo