Letters to the Editor

Sinclair Broadcast Group promotes propaganda

On television stations across the country, news anchors were forced to recite a propaganda piece created by the station owner, the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

This group owns 190 TV stations across the country and is acquiring more. Ironically, the piece was about fake news and ended with a line about fake news being a threat to our democracy. Seeing all these anchors mindlessly reciting the same “fake news” is horrifying. We are really losing our media.

The FCC’s attempts to keep special interests from taking over our media have failed as this group has gotten around the regulations by creating shill companies that control the stations. We need a regulation that requires news anchors to tell us when they are compelled to recite an editorial opinion from an owner so we know we are watching a channel that is unworthy of being called a news channel but is rather a propaganda tool that does not merit the attention of thinking people.

Fox News has long been such a channel but now many local ABC, CBS, and NBC channels are joining the club.

Jan Schaafsma, Cayucos