Letters to the Editor

Jimmy Paulding would upgrade Board of Supervisors

Jimmy Paulding
Jimmy Paulding

Locals are concerned about the loss of ethics and civility in politics and economics at both county and national levels, and with good reason.

In his 2018 book, “The Common Good,” Robert Reich shows exactly how American culture in the last 50 years has lost its integrity. His analysis is excellent preparation for how to vote this June for SLO County candidates for District 4 supervisor.

We are in a crisis. To regain our democratic soul, Reich says, we must elect leaders who listen well, think critically and act to rebuild public trust. There is a critical need for leadership that is dedicated to the good for all, both in long and short terms.

Reich says, “Our central obligation as citizens is to preserve, fortify, and protect our democratic form of government – not inundate it with big money and buy-off politicians.”

Compare Jimmy Paulding’s qualifications and pledge to voters at jimmypaulding.org/about with incumbent Lynn Compton’s voting record, political ideas and comportment in office. To upgrade our Board of Supervisors, vote for Jimmy.

Bill Morris, Nipomo