Letters to the Editor

Don’t reward Republican lawmakers for passing tax law

Are Americans truly gullible enough to reward Republican legislators for their signature achievement: the new tax law?

Neither courage nor wisdom is required to vote for lower taxes while increasing spending at a time of massive debt accumulation. Can the common man be convinced that the meager addition to their paycheck outweighs the huge gifts to the wealthy?

Corporations loudly trumpet one-time bonuses of $1,000 while receiving millions in permanent benefits. Not only does the majority of tax savings go to the wealthy who were already doing extremely well, every penny of tax reduction is added to our growing national debt.

Common sense and scientific study show tax cuts do not pay for themselves. The small amount of unsustainable economic increase will in time be offset by the rising cost of debt service, forcing taxes and spending to return toward balance. Republican dogma rules out raising taxes to correct the imbalance. Instead, they will proclaim “we can no longer afford the services we previously delivered.” Working class tax gains will be more than offset by reductions to Social Security, public schools, Medicare, etc. By the time Americans reach voting age they should be aware there is no Santa Claus.

Rod Preheim, San Luis Obispo