Letters to the Editor

Jimmy Paulding needs to do his homework

SLO County Board of Supervisors candidate Jimmy Paulding
SLO County Board of Supervisors candidate Jimmy Paulding

I read Jimmy Paulding’s arguments against Lynn Compton on his website, and it is clear he is either completely uninformed or attempting to manipulate voters.

Paulding discounts Compton’s success in bringing developer impact fees for parks back to Nipomo. Paulding labels Lynn’s success as a “shifting of taxpayer dollars from one pocket to another.” Developer impact fees for parks are not taxes paid by residents, they are a fee paid by developers for each home they build.

The developer fees are required to be spent on parks to help support the increased population from the development.

Supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson took fees paid for homes in Nipomo and used the monies for items such as a skate park in Los Osos and a bike trail in Avila Beach. Hill and Gibson contend the residents of Nipomo can use the parks and trails built miles from their homes. Compton disagreed and has been working to bring the fees back where they originated.

But Mr. Paulding, those fees were not from taxes paid to the county and cannot be used for other purposes. Do your homework.

Terri Stricklin, Nipomo