Letters to the Editor

We need a supervisor who brings balance, writes Jimmy Paulding

SLO County Board of Supervisors candidate Jimmy Paulding
SLO County Board of Supervisors candidate Jimmy Paulding

As your supervisor, I will make decisions in which social, environmental and economic issues are considered and balanced. Lynn Compton won’t. Here are some concrete examples:

▪ I support protecting our shores from more offshore oil drilling. Lynn Compton doesn’t.

▪ I support community choice for renewable energy. Lynn Compton doesn’t.

▪ I support bringing residents of the Nipomo Mesa together to mitigate growing health problems. Lynn Compton doesn’t.

▪ I support fair water policy that doesn’t result in county taxpayers bailing out those property owners that don’t want to pay for their own water costs. Lynn Compton doesn’t.

▪ I support an inclusionary housing ordinance that directly addresses our housing crisis. Lynn Compton doesn’t.

▪ I believe in taking a hardline approach with developers when negotiating on behalf of the public, not securing backroom deals for developers who donate to my campaign. Lynn Compton doesn’t.

I am challenging Compton because I want government to work for ordinary people. At every opportunity, Lynn Compton represents her elite, wealthy donors, leaving behind the residents of Arroyo Grande, Oceano and Nipomo. Just check her voting record and her donor list; they speak for themselves.

Jimmy Paulding, candidate for 4th District supervisor