Letters to the Editor

Celebrate wisely; don’t drink or text while driving

Prom and graduation plans can easily derail if dangerous choices are made. When I was 16 in 1992, my eventful life as a junior at Tracy High ended when a drunken driver hit me.

I was unable to study at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo independently. My hearing, talking and walking are damaged, and I cannot drive. I never imagined living like this.

I am thankful people are slowly learning to not drive drunk.

We are in the age of technology. A new driving threat comes: cellphones.

Driving drunk and cellphones both cause distraction and impair driving. Each can cause drivers to follow too closely, not brake on time or weave into traffic.

Texting is common. If your phone rings when driving, do not check the message. Taking one look may be your last.

People kill people, phones do not. Drivers must police themselves and avoid the cellphone and drinking when driving.

Lori Martin, Tracy