Letters to the Editor

Young people bear the brunt of Prop 13

Andrea Seastrand
Andrea Seastrand

With her “Stop the continuing attacks on Proposition 13” column, Andrea Seastrand continues to star in her role as a shill for corporate America.

Despite all the razzle-dazzle of the statistics she stuffed into her column, she avoided the salient question: Since Prop. 13 disproportionately favors the rich (i.e., the corporate owners of the majority of commercial property), how is that fair?

Young homebuyers don’t have phalanxes of lawyers available to help them avoid paying their fair share of taxes. So they bear the brunt, paying taxes on the 2018 selling price of the home they purchase, while others skate by, using 2018-priced services, while paying taxes based on the 1980 or 1990 purchase-price of their homes.

As the old saying goes, Andrea, if you want peace, work for justice.

Will Powers, San Luis Obispo