Letters to the Editor

Hearst Castle should be more accessible to students

How exciting that a new discovery was made at Hearst Castle! This just shows what an important cultural asset we have in our backyard.

Recently, a very creative English teacher at Shandon High School, Ms. Emilee Conforti, proposed a project on DonorsChoose.org called “Reminiscing with Gatsby California Style: Hearst Castle and the 1920s.” She wanted her 15 students to tour Hearst Castle to better understand the gilded age of the 1920s while reading The Great Gatsby. Unfortunately, although the project had a modest budget of $972 (of that, $540 was for transportation), she was unable to raise enough funds to make the project happen.

Discoveries like those made by Carson Cargill and Laurel Rodger keep the Castle’s cultural impact relevant. It is unfortunate that many of our young people are unable to enjoy Hearst Castle and learn from it even though it is so close.

Anne Quinn, Atascadero