Letters to the Editor

How about an Ikea?

This photo taken Wednesday, June 3, 2015, shows an IKEA store in Miami.
This photo taken Wednesday, June 3, 2015, shows an IKEA store in Miami. AP

Regarding the new downtown SLO parking structure: First of all, the area is too small to support that large of a structure.

There’s too much traffic now, especially with the school and Palm/Broad getting closed for events.

A better spot would be on Higuera at Toro if the city owns or would buy that property.

But if they are dead set on Nipomo, then I have a suggestion. Offer the historical houses (except for the adobe) for a small amount each with the stipulation that the buyer pays for moving them. Instead of tearing down the adobe on Palm, build around it! Turn it into an extension of the History Museum, which could use more space anyway. Maybe even put a small cafe in the garden area.

As far as Ross and Michaels moving to where Sears was: I think it’s a BAD idea. That makes Ross more of a destination. They’ll lose walk-in traffic from tourists who are downtown and need to buy something they forget. When I’m downtown (at least once a week), I always go in, you never know what you might find! And Michaels is fine just where it is.

Why doesn’t the city woo new stores like the Burlington Coat Factory or even better yet, Ikea?

The closest Burlington’s is at least 100 miles away and the closest Ikea is in Burbank.

Lisa Leutwyler, San Luis Obispo