Letters to the Editor

Cal Poly students are hungry? Boo hoo!

Cal Poly’s Highland entrance.
Cal Poly’s Highland entrance. jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

Saw your headline above the fold in Sunday’s issue (“Hundreds of Cal Poly students are going homeless and hungry, survey shows”). Read the article. So, in a campus where tens of thousands of students are matriculated, a couple of hundred are too lame to cadge room and board? Well, BOO HOO!

Maybe it’s about time they started thinking about working. That goes double for the 35-year-olds who are hanging around a college campus expecting to be supported somehow. Back in the day a student was expected to earn a degree by 21 and get a job! Or, just get a job!

The snowflake mentality of the millennials is pitiful. BOO HOO!

Perhaps training them to get breakfast, lunch and dinner at the government schools from Head Start to graduation from high school doesn’t prepare them to feed themselves afterwards?

John Paul Daly, Atascadero