Letters to the Editor

Adam Hill should resign and let Gov. Brown appoint a replacement

On Feb. 10, The Tribune ran Adam Hill’s Viewpoint touting “depression” as his excuse for “misbehavior.”

“Depression” and “deception” both start with “D,” Mr. Hill, but depressed people are not compelled to deceive. On the other hand, it should depress you that your chronic deception is, predictably, recognized by more and more of the public.

The Tribune should have recognized your blemished character when you impersonated your election opponent in a phone message left for Sheila Blake, accusing her of being a Communist, a Socialist or maybe a Marxist, after she published a letter opposing Pismo’s Los Robles Del Mar development. That should have been the tip-off.

An honest elected representative does not allegedly threaten to withhold county grants to entities helping the poor, after finding out individuals serving the poor have endorsed an opponent. These were not one-offs.

Too many of your apologies and promises to change have come and gone, all unfulfilled. Stop being depressed. Stop trying to fool friends, competitors, the press and the public. Stop fooling yourself. You are not the great and indispensable supervisor. Resign. Be happy. Resign to make your constituents happy.

Open the way for Gov. Brown to swiftly fill your seat with an honest, temporary representative of 3rd District voters until the 2020 election.

Stew Jenkins, San Luis Obispo