Letters to the Editor

Thoughts and prayers are not enough

President Trump:

This is the time to discuss gun control. Thoughts and prayers are not going to prevent the next mass shooting in the United States.

This is the time to stop people from having assault weapons. This is the time to do something about guns in America before one more child is killed. Encourage the passage of laws that will stop this. Don’t let the money/votes of the NRA prevent you from stopping the killing of our children and adults in our country repeatedly and insanely. When will you admit that thoughts and prayers are not enough?

Our forefathers are turning in their graves with disbelief as you support an amendment written in 1791 before the weapons killing our people existed. They are in disbelief as these weapons are allowed to be in the hands of our citizens.

Wednesday’s killer was not an illegal immigrant and at least 17 high school students and teachers lay dead in Florida. If he had been here illegally, you would be condemning the shooting and blaming this action on immigrants in numerous blustery tweets. He was an American citizen, so you remain silent except for the empty “thoughts and prayers,” words that ring so hollow they are painful.

Laurina Kusell, Arroyo Grande