Letters to the Editor

Here’s the truth about Trump’s proposed military parade: It’s a waste of time and money

Thank you for the straightforward opinion about a proposed military parade in Washington, D.C., (“Iraq War vet says military doesn’t need Trump’s parade,” Tribune Opinion Feb. 10).

In the midst of all the emotional finger-pointing, partisan wrangling and swear-word news, it is remarkably refreshing to read a down-to-earth commentary on what is the simple truth of what a parade would require, what a waste of time and money it would entail and the extent to which it would be detrimental to our military mission.

If our president truly had the best interests of our military — and our nation’s priorities — in mind, he would be the first to demand that there be no superfluous pageantry. Sadly, I do not expect that to happen.

Bill Fitzgerald, Los Osos