Letters to the Editor

Great work by friendly staff at SLO County animal shelter

Last week a lost dog came to our gate. She was a beautiful Australian shepherd, well fed, well behaved and obviously someone’s pet, but had no collar. We gave her water and food, then kept her in the house that night to prevent her from wandering further.

In the morning we took her to our vet and had her microchip read. There was a pet registry number to call, which we did. The registry found the owner’s phone was disconnected and refused to give us the dog’s address but did provide her name “Layla.”

We then contacted the SLO County animal shelter for help. The young woman answering was informative and friendly. We took Layla to the SLO facility and told them that if the owner was not found, we would like to adopt Layla following the required waiting period as they searched for her family.

That same day, we received a call from the shelter that Layla’s family had been located and Layla had been reunited with them.

Thanks to the efficient and friendly SLO animal shelter personnel this was the best possible ending to this story.

John and Charlene Ables, Atascadero