Letters to the Editor

Tired of politics as usual on Board of Supervisors

I am so tired of the ugliness in our local politics. I’m tired of listening to the yelling, rude remarks and bickering by our SLO County Board of Supervisors. The lack of civility and the unwillingness to compromise are depressing.

And we voters need to put ourselves in check as well. I am appalled by the comments made about our politicians and their supporters. We need to listen more, think longer and sometimes bite our tongues before we say the first thing that comes to mind. Anyone who has been in a committed relationship probably knows this from experience.

I have listened to a new candidate for District 4 Supervisor, Jimmy Paulding, on four different occasions in the past few months. He is home-grown with deep roots here. Jimmy cares deeply about this area. In my opinion, he is very bright and refreshingly reasonable. He is fair-minded, respectful and thoughtful. He is a problem solver who is willing to compromise. He listens very carefully and calmly answers questions. He is always respectful of others, even though he may not agree with them.

Jimmy Paulding gets my vote.

Vicki Wyne, Nipomo